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Christian Fellowship 

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Collaboration with others Churches and Christian Ministries

Participation to the "Back-to-School" event by R.O.P.
August 2nd 2014

C.F.E.C.'s booth 

Parents waiting for backpack distribution

Waiting long lines to the distribution

Church members in the Church booth

Parents waiting for backpack distribution

The kids are served

Diner at "Restoration Outreach Programs" (R.O.P)
July 30th 2014

View of the diner room

July 30th, 2014

View of the diner room

July 30th 2014

Some Views of the Church Meetings for the 5 first months

Our first Guitar, a donated gift.

July 27th, 2014

Pastor Gregoire preaching on the Holy Spirit (July 27th 2014)

The Preacher and the Translater at work, Sunday Morning

Singing and worshiping on a Sunday 

Pastor Gregoire Luabala, Church planter

(Registration : November 16th 2013)

Let's praise the Lord with our heart, our mind and our body

New members of the Church

July 27th 2014

Louise, Pastor's wife leading the meeting Sunday Morning

Listening the God Word

Praise and worship on a Sunday 

March 2014

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