Evangelical Church

Christian Fellowship 

    a US 501(c)(3)
Non-profit Organization



Christian Fellowship Evangelical Church is a church, and its activities are to evangelize people, to preach God’s Word, to pray for people and countries, to help needy people in different ways as possible.


C.F.E.C. has a local for its meetings

Since April 2015, our church has obtained a worship place in the Vietnamese  Central Baptist Church (V.C.B.C.) buildings found at 6400, West 26th Avenue, Edgewater, Colorado, 80204 (USA),

One big room for worship and a small room for bible study and Sunday school are now available.

One month later, C.F.E.C. got its first instrument set (including two keyboard, one mixer, two speakers, two  wireless microphones, one drum and one projector.


  1.    Evangelize in and out Church (preaching).
  2.    Evangelize door to door (for the growth of Church)
  3.    Baptize.
  4.    Worship (weekly meetings and worship).


  1.    Bible Studies (in and out Church).
  2.    Seminaries (organize or participate to).
  3.    Leader Training (by semester)

Community Outreach (mostly immigrants)

  1.   Visits to Families for assistance and advice
  2.   Charities (meet some immigrants’ needs)
  3.   Give away (clothing, food, school supplies, furniture, etc

    1. YEAR 2014:

      The first worship meeting was held on February 16th 2014, as a “church in house”, at the church address, waiting to find an appropriate worship place.

      This year, the target is to contact more immigrants in the church area and search the way to help them. With assistance of some local Christian Organizations, some immigrant families have received clothes, school supplies, kitchenware, etc.

      Some Organizations, churches and persons were contacted to find an appropriate worship place. But until now nothing is found.

      This year activities consisted on:

      1. Weekly worship meetings held at the church address (two meetings on Sunday),
      2. Visits door to door and Evangelism to immigrant families,
      3. Give away (clothing, food, school supplies, furniture, etc.) from local Organizations,
      4. Visits of local Organizations such Denver Rescue Mission, Denver Seminary, etc.
      5. Search of an appropriate Worship place, Public Address System and music instruments and furniture.
      6. Searching of Church facilities:

        1. Search of worship room.
        2. Search of Public Address System.
        3. Search of music instruments and furniture.

        Outreach (among immigrants)

      7. Give away (clothing, food, school supplies, furniture, etc.)

        1. Assistance: (transportation, advice).

        YEAR 2013:

        The incorporation was registered on November 16th, 2013 at Colorado Secretary of the State.  After that some meetings were held to edit the documents of incorporation, such as:

        1. Articles of incorporation
        2. Bylaws of incorporation
        3. Board of Directors
        4. Interest conflict policy

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